GameMaker: Image Index In-Depth

In GameMaker, sprite resources are bound to an object via the sprite_index variable on the object. Once a sprite is set (either by assigning it to the variable or selecting it in

GameMaker: YYC On Windows 10

I recently got the YoYoCompiler working in GameMaker on Windows 10 for a project of mine. I had to do a bit of research to figure out exactly what I needed to do,

Passion vs Trade

When I was younger, around my teenage years, I began dabbling in game development. I had always had an itch to make some kind of game before that, be it totally imaginary with

Ellicott City

Please consider donating Just a few nights ago, Historic Old Ellicott City in Maryland experienced some of the worst flooding in the history of the town. The strip itself, often just referred to

Game Project

I've been working hard over the past three months on a new game project. Its not so new now that I've spent three months working on it, but its the latest venture I've

Brave Browser

I have been on and off using Brave since around January of this year. Shortly after I began using it, I made a few pull requests to add minor features I really wanted

Dynamic Promise Chains

Click here for a CodePen example - Skip to best answer Promises can be daunting to newcomers and experts alike. They take everything we've learned about callbacks and turn them around. Something that