Michael Barrett

DC Area developer looking to build things that make people happy.

My Very Own Game Studio, Nevershine

A quick update, I am now 50% of a game studio, Nevershine LLC. Nevershine is a joint project between myself and @CalebMHarris, where we plan to "make fun stuff." The first in the

GM Core

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on Evenfall Arcane for a little over a year. While a good chunk of that time was spent building out some of

Evenfall Arcane

I've announced my long-term game project, Evenfall Arcane. Evenfall is a top-down, open world action RPG with a focus on spellcasting. It is a love letter to games that shaped my childhood, like

GameMaker: Image Index In-Depth

In GameMaker, sprite resources are bound to an object via the sprite_index variable on the object. Once a sprite is set (either by assigning it to the variable or selecting it in

GameMaker: YYC On Windows 10

I recently got the YoYoCompiler working in GameMaker on Windows 10 for a project of mine. I had to do a bit of research to figure out exactly what I needed to do,

Passion vs Trade

When I was younger, around my teenage years, I began dabbling in game development. I had always had an itch to make some kind of game before that, be it totally imaginary with

Ellicott City

Please consider donating Just a few nights ago, Historic Old Ellicott City in Maryland experienced some of the worst flooding in the history of the town. The strip itself, often just referred to