Ellicott City

Please consider donating

Just a few nights ago, Historic Old Ellicott City in Maryland experienced some of the worst flooding in the history of the town. The strip itself, often just referred to as Main Street, is indeed prone to flooding given its location, but what they saw after the Saturday night storm was nothing short of apocalyptic.

This is a place where people took there families to walk around for the day, seeing the wonderful antique stores, and more recently, the newer storefronts that locals had opened to display and sell their passions. Record stores, art galleries, oddities and fantastic foods. A brick oven pizza joint next door to a stone-house-turned-coffee-shop. A high-end French restaurant that middle school students look forward to visiting for a French class field trip, as I did.

Just a few weeks ago, I was there with my girlfriend, trying out a hiking path she had spotted, and taking the afternoon to walk Main street. We happened to pop in to Cotton Duck, a small gallery featuring some breathtaking pieces. I couldn't leave empty-handed; we purchased a small piece by the owner's apprentice that I found mesmerizing:

I love old ships

I can only hope that the rest of the works remained safe in the flooding.

This is a place that I have friends living near, just walking distance from the destruction. This is a place that people cherish, and it has been all but destroyed. Many businesses are facing hard decisions about their futures.

I encourage anyone who has the means to donate to the repair of this place. The link above is a fundraiser to help the businesses and the repair process. If you've never heard of Old Ellicott City, I recommend reading about it. From its Diagon-Alley-like charm to its fame of being one of the "most haunted towns in America", its a great place, and it is a damn shame to see this level of destruction come about.

Most people were okay during this flooding. Two people have unfortunately lost their lives. Videos of people struggling to hold on to floating cars as they are swept away by the rushing waves just send chills down my spine. Hug your loved ones, and remember that we're all in this world together. Let's help each other.