Game Project

I've been working hard over the past three months on a new game project. Its not so new now that I've spent three months working on it, but its the latest venture I've made back into the game development world, and I am having a blast.

I don't want to reveal too much about what the game is just yet, given that I have a problem about talking about what something will be, then never finishing it. So, I'm trying to avoid that. Instead, I'll plan to post about what I've been doing while working on the game, and what systems I've made or things I've learned. More to come.

I'm building this project in GameMaker, and its a 2D top down game. I've always admired the top down perspective from afar, but never had a chance to really dive in and make something good with it, so here I am giving it a shot. It's turning out well so far.

The other difference between this project and my previous game attempts (and published games...way back) is that I'm putting a lot of time and effort into the sprite work; something that has always been my weak point, or something that I've tried to outsource. It will take a while to really get good at the style, but I'm picking up on it, and I don't hate what I have so far, so that's a good thing.

GameMaker is the same engine used to build some recent hits such as Undertale, Hotline Miami, and Hyper Light Drifter. It started from humble beginnings, but it has evolved a lot over the years and now has people putting out games that go so far as to shame the rest of the gaming industry for their same-as-everyone-else style. If you haven't tried it before, and you are the slightest bit interested in game development, give GameMaker a shot.

Over the coming weeks, I'll begin posting about the systems I've built out so far, and reveal more about the game over time, until I feel ready to announce something as "officially in development". Until then, you can continue to see me spam "#gamedev" tweets on twitter.