GM Core

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on Evenfall Arcane for a little over a year. While a good chunk of that time was spent building out some of the beginning of the game, the majority was spent building the engine itself withing GameMaker: Studio.

While some of the more specific parts of the engine (spellcasting, movement, etc) are build just for Evenfall, I intentionally build some of the other major parts in such a way that I could rip them out of the project and open source them. So, I did! So far, I've open sourced six systems from the groundwork of Evenfall Arcane, which I believe could be of value to just about any game being made in GM:S.

See the repositories on the GM Core Github profile

Included in the open sourced systems:

  • Simplified networking with patchwire
  • Testing Automation / Unit testing with GaMaTas
  • Functional utilities for data processing with gdash
  • Custom event firing / subscribing with Event Horizon
  • Lightweight Delta time management (with support for alarms!) with Delta
  • Simplified particle type generation with Particore

More are still to come as I work to open source more of the core parts of the engine. This groundwork has made for an extremely pleasant development experience, without having dozens of layers of abstraction and magic.

I will continue to develop these systems as they mature throughout projects, and hope others will find them useful and contribute as well.