Hellote There.

I'm writing this post again, again. The inagural "welcome to my blog" post. You see, I've been "blogging" in one sense or another for years now. Probably since sometime around 2004, which, holy shit, was 10 years ago.

If you're reading this, theres a pretty good chance that you don't know who I am, which is about right. I'm not a popular blogger, I'm not an online personality, and I don't know if I even would want to be after seeing what tends to happen to them if they make one tiny mistake. I'm simply a developer who likes things, and more specifically, likes to talk about those things.

I wrote one blog post a little over a year ago that got a bit of attention, both positive and extremely negative. It was about the differences between what I thought a Computer Science degree was, and what it really is. The post was a small reflection as I was graduating. Some people enjoyed it, some people recommended others read it, and some people sent me messages saying I must be a shitty programmer who has no future and who should just give up in life. You know, the usual internet response.

After getting the feedback from that Computer Science blog post, I realized I don't really want to focus my time thinking about that field. Sure, I have deep ties to it, but that doesn't mean I should focus my time and energy on it. I'm in the field now, and realizing that theres more I'd rather do than spend all my time on one subject.

I love what I do, I really do, but people shouldn't be defined by a single topic. All this to say that this blog is going to be something new for me. When thinking of a topic for this place, I couldn't decide on one thing, so instead I'll blog about anything, really. My favorite things in life are web dev, game dev, games in general, artisinal work, and scotch. Therefore, my blog will be about web dev, game dev, games in general...I think the jist is there.

As for the title of my blog? Well, to make a long story short, I did it because reasons.

Keep it real.