My Workflow, 2016

Late last year, I posted about my transition to working on a remote machine. As a part of that transition, I picked up Vim as my primary editor, so that I could do

Use .concat, not .push

In JavaScript, there's two very similar ways to approach appending data to an array: .concat and .push. Difference: .concat returns a new array containing the old and new data, where as .push modifies

2015 Resolutions Review

Last December, I posted about my resolutions for 2015. Now, I'll review how I did in meeting these goals, and talk about the goals I have set up going forward into 2016. I'm

A Remote Transition

When I first started at my current job, day 1 included getting my laptop set up, which at the time (and I think still, but to a lesser degree) mean "run boxen". Problem

Unannounced Devlog

In my last post, I talked about a project I recently decided to scrap and totally start over. Thankfully, I've stuck with the new version of the project, and I'm really enjoying the

On Clean Slates

I have been working on a game side project for a little over a year now, on and off mostly. Whenever inspiration strikes, I fire up GM, hack on it for a while,

I Really Like 'Shuffle My Life'

It's not often that I really want to write about an app, especially since the app review ecosystem is already so damn massive, but I wanted to share a seemingly lesser known app