2015 Resolutions Review

Last December, I posted about my resolutions for 2015. Now, I'll review how I did in meeting these goals, and talk about the goals I have set up going forward into 2016. I'm

A Remote Transition

When I first started at my current job, day 1 included getting my laptop set up, which at the time (and I think still, but to a lesser degree) mean "run boxen". Problem

Unannounced Devlog

In my last post, I talked about a project I recently decided to scrap and totally start over. Thankfully, I've stuck with the new version of the project, and I'm really enjoying the

On Clean Slates

I have been working on a game side project for a little over a year now, on and off mostly. Whenever inspiration strikes, I fire up GM, hack on it for a while,

I Really Like 'Shuffle My Life'

It's not often that I really want to write about an app, especially since the app review ecosystem is already so damn massive, but I wanted to share a seemingly lesser known app

Clarity in the Workplace

Nomenclature is important. When we discuss events, situations or ideas, it is really important that we are able to identify what we are talking about. Often enough, I find myself left out of

Sketching for Programmers

To most people out there, the word 'hacking' means some techno-master sitting at a terminal, furiously typing characters on a green and black screen while output lines pour out of the monitor and