Over this weekend, I did a bit of a site design overhaul here. I wanted to have a theme that kept the simplicity of the old layout, but without it defaulting to the latest article, so that I could have a feed of posts on the homepage.

I use Ghost as a publishing system for this blog, and I really like it. It is very simple to set up and doesn't have much bloat to it in terms of features. It makes posts and static pages. Easy.

Originally, I set up a site through the people at Ghost. Its one of those situations where they have an open source project, but you can pay for the hosting / management. Similar to wordpress (though I think more expensive, unfortunately). Ultimately, I migrated off of that service onto my own server.

I had some free time this weekend when out running errands, so while waiting at a shop, I looked around for Ghost themes that seemed simple enough, and landed on the Crossing theme.

I'm a front end developer, primarily. At first I told myself I should build my own theme, but at the same time, I'd prefer to be practical. This theme seemed like a good starting point. I can customize it all I want, and I have been, and will continue to do so.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working to update this theme to fit my needs and code preferences better. I am also working to trim out any fat I can find in order to keep things running and loading as quickly as possible for the reader. Top priority, though, is to update the layout with a more modern approach without all of the damn clearfixes I'm seeing lying around. I'm in for a real treat there.

So enjoy the simplicity. I like the minimalism. I'll be experimenting with accent colors here and there. Oh, and bookmark, pin, or whatever your device's name for it is. Do that. I found this great resource, Real Favicon Generator, which takes a logo and gives you all kinds of meta images for favicons and beyond.

You can follow the development of the theme or fork for yourself on the Hellote-Theme github repo.