Suggested Links



  • The Adventure Zone - Hilarious Dungeons and Dragons podcast by the McElroy brothers and their father. Truly impressive custom campaign by the DM.
  • The Minimalists Podcast - Great content about how to simplify your life and get down to what matters most.
  • The Writer's Almanac - Daily 5-minute literature history review with Garrison Keillor. Now discontinued.


Podcast Application - Pocket Casts

Cross platform podcast solution on Android, iOS and in-browser. Allows for syncing across all devices. Charges a one time fee for the premium version, which allows for the syncing, but works for free locally on a given device, which might be all you need. Very flexible. Lets you select subscriptions to auto-download, how many to download, and a bunch of other rules. My favorite mobile app by a long shot.

Text Editor - NeoVim

NeoVim is a community driven refactoring project for Vim, the already extremely powerful terminal based text editor. NeoVim ships with a sensible set of defaults, and feels overall zippier than the already fast editor it forked from.

Online Notebook - TiddlyWiki

A personal wiki utility that allows you to keep everything in one portable html file, or host your own server instance. I use this to keep notes in, as well as for some creative projects, like writing D&D campaigns. It lends itself well to things that need to inter-link quite a lot.

Alternative Browser - Vivaldi

A highly customizable browser based on Chromium, built by a team lead by a former Opera exec. The focus is customization and power user options, which really shines through. It feels like a very complete, well thought out browser, and bonus points for natively supporting extensions from the chrome web store.