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One of my favorite hobbies is game development. Anything tagged here has to do with my work developing games, or something related to the field.

My Very Own Game Studio, Nevershine

A quick update, I am now 50% of a game studio, Nevershine LLC. Nevershine is a joint project between myself and @CalebMHarris, where we plan to "make fun stuff." The first in the

GM Core

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on Evenfall Arcane for a little over a year. While a good chunk of that time was spent building out some of

Passion vs Trade

When I was younger, around my teenage years, I began dabbling in game development. I had always had an itch to make some kind of game before that, be it totally imaginary with

Game Project

I've been working hard over the past three months on a new game project. Its not so new now that I've spent three months working on it, but its the latest venture I've

Unannounced Devlog

In my last post, I talked about a project I recently decided to scrap and totally start over. Thankfully, I've stuck with the new version of the project, and I'm really enjoying the

On Clean Slates

I have been working on a game side project for a little over a year now, on and off mostly. Whenever inspiration strikes, I fire up GM, hack on it for a while,